Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

The FDCPA is a consumer protection statute which protects you as a consumer from harassing, oppressive or abusive debt collection tactics by a debt collector in the course of collecting a consumer debt. You have a right to be treated with truth, fairness, dignity, and respect in all your dealings with a debt collector. If you’re not, you have a right to sue them.

If you have suffered from any of these abusive collection practices, you may be entitled to compensation. We can help any consumer who is currently in collections, or has suffered from collection harassment. Call us today to speak with an attorney and get a free phone consultation on your case.

Debt Collectors Are Prohibited From:

  • Threatening criminal charges, arrest, lawsuits, garnishment or liens for not paying a bill
  • Calling your family, friends, neighbors or employers to collect a debt
  • Leaving abusive phone messages
  • Insulting, yelling or swearing at you
  • Calling your workplace after you tell the collector not to call you there
  • Lying, threatening, or otherwise harassing you in any way

What to Do if You’re Abused by a Collector
If you’re contacted by a debt collector, you have a right to dispute the debt either verbally or in writing.  If you want to preserve some rights under the FDCPA, you must send a written dispute within 30 days of your receipt of the first “validation notice” from the debt collector.  Even if you owe the debt, or you cannot pay, you still have rights under the FDCPA.  Most of our clients owe the debt being collected but because of financial circumstances, or a dispute over the goods or services, they cannot pay it.  In order to preserve your rights under the law, it’s important for you to keep good records of all of the contacts.

Important Steps You Can Take To Help Your Case
  1. Save copies of all letters and notices from collection agencies.
  2. Save all phone messages and voice mails- this is very important!
  3. Make note of your conversations with these bill collectors.
  4. Call a consumer rights attorney to help you recover your damages.

There Is No Fee In Your Case Unless We Recover. If you have been subjected to collection harassment, calls to the workplace, or other abuse, call us today.  Contact Harkess & Salter at (303) 834-7933.